Immune system in a digital age

Welcome to using Big Data and new cognitive computing is solving problems of immune oncology and infectious diseases.

When there are 100 trillion different cells in your body that are designed to protect you from infections and cancer, it calls for a calculation that is only now becoming available in the form of artificial intelligence.

We used IBM’s Watson AI to assist in uncovering cancer cells expression profiles to assist future immunotherapy targets.

Modifying immune system to become more adequate in sustaining healthy tissues is a new way of looking at the immune system as a remedy to protect the integrity of our body from both external organisms (viruses and bacteria) and internal breakdowns of our own systems due to aging, toxins, disease, and systemic imbalance.

AI confirms link between cancer and depression

Suspected connection between cancer and depression tried successfully with a simple data approach. Confirmed that ovarian cancer cells behave more like brain cells with expression of “traditional” brain molecules.

Map below summarizes in visual form changes in expression of depression-related pathways.

Map of new antigen targets for immunotherapy vaccines – you can find out which receptors to target and – contact us at

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